Duncan McGenn is running for Halifax Member of Parliament in Ottawa

Duncan McGenn grew up in Vancouver and relocated to Halifax 30 years ago. At 21, as a new resident of Nova Scotia, he began a consumer services business which successfully continues to operate today under his leadership.

Duncan graduated from high school in Burnaby, BC at 16 and completed post-secondary education at Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, attaining a diploma in business studies. His employment history began when he was 11 years old having both a morning paper route with the Vancouver Province and a phone sales position in the evening. He continued both jobs through high school.

His work experience has provided him with 40 years of customer service experience and an amazing affinity to work with people of all ages and backgrounds. As a parent to a 21 and 23 year, he has passed on his work ethic to his 2 daughters. Duncan is a strong advocate for mental healthcare and has been involved with personally assisting patients over the last 6 years. His concern is that there is currently no advocate for children and youth, and he will push to have this position created. He feels strongly that it is extremely important to have an advocate for children and youth to represent their needs and concerns and speak for them regarding health care issues. He also will promote raising the age to 19 from 16, as it is in other provinces, for the age a young person can leave home without a parents' permission.

Duncan is also involved with the Special Olympics in Halifax by promoting this great group and their fantastic volunteers. He will continue to raise awareness for this amazing organization.

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